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Playboi The Miracle Barber

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Young Master Barber Freestyle Design

About Playboi

 Playboi started off with his first set of clippers from wal-mart, and then started to cut his friends in school. There on, his friends and more people wanted a cut from him ever so often. It became the real deal where his friends and the surroundings started to call him "PLAYBOI DA BARBER" and it became a household name More than anything, his work and skill speak for himself. Not only he has an exclusive taste, but also when it comes to design, he has a clear vision of how the blade should lay and cut across the head. The designs he does for his customers are all free hand and ideas that comes across his mind. What makes him different and original is that he cuts each and every customer a custom original cuts. He doesn't do anything twice. There are designs in the shop, but if they want something already done, he will change it up to make it original. He believes that he had to take things into his own hands to make things happen. With his potential, he is not only creating a fresh haircut but also creating artwork on people's head. The head designs he does receive beyond satisfaction by his customers and others. In all, PLAYBOI DA BARBER is known as the talented Barber in the streets of Moreno Valley to San Jose who creates blessings when it comes with hair. Yet, he is a true barber who stays humble to his own work. He feels that there is more new things in life are waiting to discover and learn. With the gift God has given him, there are much more to come.


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Worlds Greatest Showcase Barber

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