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Stay Fresh Studio is designed to be much more than simply a place for men to get a haircut and/or a shave. We like to think of it as a sanctuary of sorts — somewhere real Gentlemen can relax and enjoy a few minutes away from the hectic pace of everyday life. We like to think of our shop as a place where haircuts, fades, and shaves are a sacred art — somewhere men can get top-notch Young Master Barber services, relax, and enjoy a change of pace! Oh, did we mention that everyone who walks through our door will be welcomed with a Warm Hello. We also offer Unlimited Haircut Membership levels with lots of perks. It’s one thing to be a “regular” somewhere, but being a Member is something above and beyond.  We offer a large range of Membership Levels, each coming with lots of perks. A BIG thank you to those who join us, every membership will include priority access to booking appointments + first dibs on discounts + free haircuts.

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